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Entrega de certificados internacionales y elección de Prefects and Captains

On July 1st. the 2015 ceremony of international exams awards and the announcement of school captains and prefects took place at Norbridge Pilar. The heads of the three levels PROF CLAUDIA DIAZ, PROF COSTANZA POLLONI and PROF ALFREDO HERMIDA were present.

Every year on this day, we announce the names of the students who have been selected by teachers and peeers to become prefects and captains of their houses. 
Leadership, Responsibility, School commitment, Willpower, Autonomy, Solidarity, Cooperation, being Positive and Optimistic, and being able to work in a team are some important characteristics that are taken into account.

The school captains this year are AGUSTIN KAUFMAN and CAMILA VAZQUEZ who will be a reference and a model for the rest of the students to follow.

Blue House Captain   AUGUSTO TRAVERSA
Red House Captain    AZUL LANZILLOTA
Yellow House Captain  DOLORES BESSONE

The school prefects are:

      Blue Prefect   AGUSTIN AGUARON

     Red Prefect    MARIANO OBERST
     Red Prefect    MARTIN BELIAVY

     Yellow Prefect   NAHUEL IUNES
     Yellow Prefect   DELFINA ALVAREZ

Our school is a member of Open Centre and Essarp, organizations that represent the university of Cambridge in our country. As every year, our students sat for these exams and obtained very good results.3RD, 4TH AND 5TH forms from last year, took young learners exams – starters, movers and flyers. We congratulated them for their outstanding performance. 

Regarding IGCSE EXAMS, our students had an excellent performance and quite a number of them got “A” in different subjects.

As far as Bec exam is concerned, 
sat for it and obtained excellent results.

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