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As you all know, the school is a member of Open Centre and ESSARP, organizations that represent the University of Cambridge in our country.
As every year, our students sat for these exams and obtained very good results.
First, we want to congratulate our students in 3rd, 4th and 6th forms from last year who took YOUNG LEARNERS EXAMS -STARTERS, MOVERS AND FLYERS and had very good results.
We also want to congratulate our secondary school students who sat for PET and FCE and those students who have completed their BEC Diploma.
We are proud to announce that for the first time since the IGCSE Exams started in our school, a whole class sat for the full diploma and from twelve students, 8 passed it with merit.
Two of those students got an A star in Mathematics which is the maximum grade you can obtain. Congratulations to all of them.
Regarding IGCSE Exams in general we have had a 100 % of students who passed the exams and quite a number of them got A in different subjects.
We congratulate the teachers who have prepared them and hope this will give them a reason to continue working this hard.
As we all know, every year on this day we announce the names of the students who have been selected by teachers and peers to become captains and prefects of their houses.
Blue House Captain Maria Clara Antonione
Red House Captain
Yellow House Captain Facundo Shama
Blue Prefect Matías Rodríguez Chirillo
Blue Prefect Matías Frágola
Red prefect Nicolás Melo
Red prefect Ma. Clara Kaniuk
Yellow Prefect Ayelén Taraborelli
Yellow Prefect Florencia Silbergleit

We want to congratulate all these students and we hope they can show us this has been the right election.

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