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Van Gogh

Today 3rd formers “B” went to the computer lab to work on Van Gogh.
They watched a video and learnt about the painter’s biography. They chose the bedroom picture. It represents the painter’s bedroom. The SS describe it as dull, depressing, boring, cold and uninteresting, which matches the painter’s feelings.

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They also liked the picture about the sea shown in the video. They say the sea was “china blue” colour. They see the picture mysterious and dark. It’s a painting which might frighten you. You can also see the painter’s feelings reflected on it!
Miscellaneous. Did you know that Van Gogh’s picture appears in Gaturro’s comic?!! SS recognized it immediately!! So, even though it’s in Spanish we would like to share it with you!!!

Miss Gabriela Monzeglio and Miss Alejandra Eatel

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