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2016 International Exams Awards Ceremony

Last Monday, May 2nd, we held the 2016 International Exams Awards Ceremony, as well as the announcement of school captains and prefects.

Cambridge International Exams Certificates, Starters, Movers and Flyers exams, and IGCSE and BEC diplomas were given out.

Mrs. Veronica Cameron, Centre Exams Manager and Mrs. Monica Marenzi were present at the ceremony.  Mrs. Monica Marenzi, Academic Consultant of Cambridge English Language Assessment, gave a speech to our students.

Camila Colombo, Abril Derisio and Nahuel Iunes were elected captains of their houses.
Sol Prieto, Rocio Morabito, Jazmín Cosentino, Faustina Ramos, Matias Krebs, and Agustin Borgese Ricart, were chosen Prefects.

And Tomás Yacante and Agustina De Artiagoitia were chosen as School Captains taking into account the school profile.


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